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  • Added onclick field to button module
  • Added support for ‘level’ in childpages shortcode
  • Added lineheight formatting option to the header module
  • Added boxshadow formatting option to callouts


  • Added ability to set background gradients in Page Builder rows


  • Added small/medium responsive sizing options for [socialicons]
  • Admin site jump menu will now load via Ajax, this should result in faster load time navigating form page to page

pre 2017-09-13

  • Shwack of updates not documented



  • Added a ‘custom’ option on the slideshow module’s background image position



  • Added rating (stars) field to testimonials
  • Added text-size-tool shortcode


  • Added the ability to create a line break in a menu label. Insert the following character to create the line break:


  • Added a feature to support completely custom mastheads (headers). You can override the theme’s masthead/header completely by adding content to Site Options > Custom Masthead


  • Added [[carousel]] shortcode for creating carousels of content.


  • Updated icon picker.


  • Added posts_per_page parameter for list-posts shortcode. This will limit the number of posts displayed per page and enable pagination (previous, next links).


  • Added [[random]] shortcode for displaying randomized content


  • Added “Copy Default Pages” section in Site Options. This allows for copying multiple pages from the default content set to your site.
  • Added icon selector dropdown to team/location social icons.
  • Added exclude parameter for [[if_section]] conditional shortcode.


  • Added a background_position parameter for slideshow slides to fine-tune the positioning.
  • Added Syndicate v1 theme
  • Added Syndicate2 v1 theme
  • Added background color, box shadow, and padding parameter on row [[column]]
  • Added equalheight parameter on [[row]]


  • Added ability to link [button] shortcodes to lightboxes. To do so, set target=’lightbox’, set href=’#’mylightbox‘, and ensure there is a [lightbox id='mylightbox']…[/lightbox] on the page.
  • Added id and class parameter to [button].
  • Added [[google-translate]] shortcode.
  • Added transition=’carousel’ for [[slideshow]]
  • Mobile view of slideshows should no longer have weird spacing above/below them.



  • Added title_color and content_color parameters for list-* shortcodes.


  • Installed a Multisite Post Duplicator plugin on This will allow you to copy content from default to any other site that may be missing content. FYI the copied page is always copied to the root, you will need to move it into the proper hierarchy once you’re editing the target site.
  • Documented [[video]] shortcode.
  • When using Import Theme Data, if a “Welcome to Name of Practice” page already exists it will be placed into draft mode and the date and time will be appended to it.


  • Added ability to turn off breadcrumb on a per page basis. See Page Options > General when editing a page/post.
  • Added [[category]] shortcode (displays list of linked categories used on site)
  • Added [[toggle]] shortcode (show/hide targeted content when a trigger is clicked)


  • Added [[menu]] shortcode.
  • Carousels and slideshows should work in the Page Builder preview


  • Added [[heading]] shortcode
  • Added options to view=’carousel’ view mode for list-… shortcodes.
  • Added animation to [[callout]]


  • Added Site ID and domain in “My Sites” page.
  • Sites created by super admin will not expire.
  • [slideshow id=''] was causing some confusion so calling a specific slideshow post is now [list-slideshow id='']. Use [slideshow] for custom slideshows.



  • Added documentation on [[button]] shortcode


  • Added [[sitemap]] shortcode
  • Added option to [list-***] shortcodes that allow you to limit the number of results, i.e. number=’3′ to only display 3 posts.
  • Added [[tab]] shortcode


  • Added option for caption positions on slideshows


  • Added table tool button for editors. Try to use the row/column shortcode whenever possible as they will properly collapse for mobile automatically.
  • Modified the site list in the network admin to include the site ID and the theme applied. Clicking on the theme name will take you to the themes page for that particular site.


  • Added shortcode builder to editor (look for “Add Shortcode” button above editor).


  • Implemented icon select field for badges and social icons
  • Add state/province dropdowns for Location post types


  • Added new popover shortcode for adding popovers/flyouts/dropdowns


  • Added view=’carousel’ option for list posts, team, locations, and testimonials




  • Converted location payment methods from text to icons.


  • Added means to customize what elements you would like in a list of posts generated by a shortcode. Feature has been documented in each list-… shortcode page.


  • Added GA and roll-up code options to the Analytics section of Site Options
  • Sites created via the Join Form should now be further setup-
    • Site Tagline removed
    • Turn off comments by default
    • Assign proper menus locations
    • Set 404 page
    • Add default badges
    • Add a few social icons
    • Setup Site Links


  • Added Emergency field to location
  • Added Import Theme Data option to the remaining themes. This option should automatically setup the menus, widgets, social icons, badges (with the icons), site links, and in the case of CitySlicker, add the stacks.


  • Added “Child pages” metabox to right column of all post types allowing you to drill down into a hierarchy in a similar way to V1.


  • Added Practice Title to join form
  • Added Site/Practice Title, Site/Practice Description, and Logo to Site Options
  • Added 301 Redirects to Site Options
  • Fixed sort order of childpage lists
  • New sites created with the join form had an improper author attribute (they still appeared to be authored by whomever authored it on That’s fixed for new sites created with the join form going forward.
  • At some point we lost the forms from They were re-added but the contact form pages that call for these forms didn’t have their shortcode IDs updated so they were broken on (and on all new sites created from that point on). I’ve fixed the shortcode ID on these pages so sites created from here on out should have working forms without having to fiddle with the shortcode ID.