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How content and options are saved

On ECPbuilder there exists multiple ways content can be saved:

  • Site Options
  • Theme Options
  • Page Options
  • Widget Regions

Site Options

Appearance > Site Options

A site option is an option that applies to every page of your site, regardless of what theme you have applied.

All options found on the Appearance > Site Options page are such options.

Theme Options

Appearance > Customize

Theme options are saved with the current theme being applied. For example Accent Colors are saved with the current theme. Should you switch to a different theme, you will no longer have the previously saved Accent Colors. This grants the editor the ability to switch to a new theme and customize it in a different manner.

All options found on Appearance > Customize are Theme Options with exception to the Logo, Site Title and Tagline (Site Description). These 3 options are Site Options and have been placed in the Theme Customizer to help test/preview logo images.

Page Options

Pages > All Pages > Page Title
Posts > Post Type > Post Title

Page/Post Options are saved with the current page. Examples of such options are options found in the “Page Options” area near the bottom of every page (i.e. Layout, Sidebar Position, Page Title, etc).

There are some Page Options that are also found as Theme Options (Layout, Sidebar Position, Page Title). This allows the editor to set global defaults (via the Theme Options) but override those defaults on a per page basis. For example you may want a Sidebar on the right side of the page for the entire site with exception to a single page where you would like no sidebar.

Widget Regions

Appearance > Widgets

Widget Regions are regions that contain widgets to be displayed globally or to a single page/post/section of your site. By default any widget added to a region is global. For example a widget dragged into the “Sidebar” region will display on all pages of the site assuming the Sidebar is not hidden (i.e. via the Sidebar Position Theme Option or Page Option).

It’s possible to restrict a widget to a single area of the site using the “Visibility” button found near the Save button for each widget.