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[slideshow parameters]
[slide parameters]My caption[/slide]
[slide parameters]My caption[/slide]

[slideshow]] Parameters

Parameter Description Required Values Default
height Height of slideshow no any number with unit (i.e. 500px) none
navigation Display navigation arrows no yes, no no
pagination Display pagination dots no yes, no no
autoplay Auto play slideshow no yes, no no
delay How many seconds to pause on each slide no any number 5
transition Type of transition to use no fade, horizontal, vertical, carousel, none fade
box_shadow Add a dropshadow on the slideshow no i.e. 0 5px 10px rgba(0,0,0,0.2) no

[[slide]] Parameters

Parameter Description Required Values Default
photo Photo for slide yes Any href or WordPress media ID number none
href URL to link the slide to no Any href or WordPress page ID number no
target URL target no _blank, _parent no
caption_position Position of caption no bottom, top, top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, left, right bottom
caption_background_color Color of caption area background no Any hex color #000000
caption_background_opacity Opacity of background color no Any number between 0 and 1. .7
caption_text_color Color of caption text no Any hex color #ffffff
caption_padding Padding around text no Any number with a unit, i.e. 20px 25px 30px
background_position Position the slide image no center top, center center, center bottom, left top, left center, left bottom, right top, right center, right bottom center center


Complete Example

[slideshow height='300px' navigation='yes' autoplay='yes' pagination='yes' transition='fade']
[slide photo='' href='' target='_blank']
[slide photo='123']
[slide photo='']