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List (blog) Posts

[list-posts parameters]


Parameter Description Required Values Default
id Display a specific post id Any WordPress post ID
category Display from a specific category Any WordPress category
category_not_in Exclude a category Any WordPress category ID
order_by How to arrange posts menu_order, title (alpha order), date (date created), modified (datelast modified), rand (random), title_last_word menu_order
order How to order posts ASC (ascending), DESC (descending) ASC
number Limit to a set number of posts any number all posts
posts_per_page Limit to a set number of posts per page and enable pagination. any number
view How to display the posts summary, complete, list, grid, carousel summary
excerpt how many words to display from content any number 50
photo_position Position of photo left, right, left-wrap, right-wrap, inline
photo_shape What shape to apply to the feature image photo, wide, rectangle, square, circle, unmodified photo
photo_maxwidth The maximum width of the photo any number with unit (i.e. 200px)
align Align of content left, center, right
readmore_style Style of ‘Read More’ link button
title_tag Tag to be used for post title h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 h2
title_size Text size of title any number with unit (i.e. 1.5em)
title_color Color of title Any hex or color name
content_size Text size of content any number with unit (i.e. 1.5em)
content_color Color of content Any hex or color name
elements Override the default elements and specify your own list of elements title, photo, excerpt, content, link
elements_headings When using the elements feature above, by default the headings are hidden. Set this to ‘show’ to display the headings. show, hide

For view=’grid’ only

Parameter Description Required Values Default
grid_columns Arrange posts in this number of columns no 2,3,4,5 2

For view=’carousel’ only

Parameter Description Required Values Default
carousel_pagination Show pagination dots no no,yes yes
carousel_autoplay Autoplay carousel no no,yes no
carousel_delay How long to pause on each post no any number (seconds) 10
carousel_transition Transition type no fade,horizontal,vertical,none horizontal

Elements example:

[list-posts view='grid' elements='photo,excerpt']

The above shortcode will list the posts in a grid, and the elements pulled from each post will be (and only be) the photo and excerpt.